CLVR Extinguishing control panel

Tủ chữa cháy khí Cofem CLVR02EXT
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Manufacturer: Cofem

Automatic conventional fire detection and fire alarm control panel
with extinguishing functionality.
CLVR 02EXT: 2 zones extinguishing control panel.
The control panel incorporates a third configurable zone as
conventional separate zone from extinction in order to protect
against fire small areas close to the flood/extinction zone, or allow
the supervision of an external fire protection system giving a fault
indication, such as a pressure switch contact.
CLVR control panel characteristics are common among all its


2 zones control panel with extinguishing functionality for conventional detectors and call points use.
Third additional zone configurable as an alarm and detection zone for conventional detectors and call
points or as a monitoring input of an external fire protection system.
Same technical features as conventional CLVR control panels (2 general sounder outputs, 1 alarm output,
1 fault output, 230Vdc outputs, test mode, threshold setup, metallic cabinet, etc).
3 modes of operating extinction:
- Standard mode: Output R1 of pre-warning is activated with Zone 1 or Zone 2 in alarm status.
- Consecutive mode: Output R1 is activated intermittently (1 second with Zone 1 or Zone 2 in
alarm status, 0,5 seconds with Zones 1 and 2 in alarm status, and continuing once the output R2
delay is finished).
- Simultaneous mode: Output R1 is activated with Zones 1 and 2 in alarm status.
Stop and activation extinguishing button directly in the control panel.
Possibility to install manual stop and activation buttons near the flood zone.
1 extinction output (”R2”) supervised, temporized supervised, temporized between 0 and 60 seconds,
protected by a resettable fuse.
Delay for R2 extinguishing output reset after extinguishing activation temporized between 0 and 30
Certified according EN 54-2, EN 54-4 and EN 12094-1 with CE mark


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